''A tale about the tureen and the ladle''
''The war of Clamm"
''The Frog King''
''The post story''
''Wilm the Long Nose''
"Oedipus. The Feast of blindness''
''Baron Munhausen''
"Who has long ears like a donkey?"
''The three fairies and the Sleeping Beauty''
''The other"
''Cats on an old tile roof''
"Beauty and the Beast''
''We won't pay''
''Cinderella story''
"The Wizard of Oz"
"The Dragon and the princesses''
"Folklore magic''
"Peter Pan"
"Room 304"
"The Little wood-nymph''
"The Little Mermaid"
"Carius and Bactus"
"The Puss in boots"
"The brave tin soldier"
"Christmas story"
''Commedia almost Dell'Arte''
''Who does not work neither shall he eat''
''Alphabet from A to Z''
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