The beginning was set in 2000 by a group of enthusiasts – members of Non-profit organization “PIERROT”, led by the manager of State Puppet Theatre-Stara Zagora – Mr. Darin Petkov.
With the support of the National Centre for Theatre, the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Stara Zagora, more than 100 puppet actors from Europe, Africa, North and South America got together in the city of lime-trees. A special guest of the festival was the USA ambassador – Mr. Richard Miles. More than 30 foreign companies applied for participation, but only 6 have been selected. They competed with 4 Bulgarian companies. The first prize – a bronze statuette “PIERROT” made by the sculptor Emil Ivanov, was awarded to Sofia Puppet Theatre “Atelier 313” for the performance “A word of a musketeer” by Valeri Petrov.

On the very next year,  from 24 till 27 September “PIERROT 2001” gathered 250 participants and guests from Great Britain, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, USA, Taiwan and Bulgaria. The International Festival’s Jury with a chairman – Donyo Donev bestowed the first prize on Theatre “POPCORN”, Slovenia for the performance “Nylon” /script-writer and director – K. Zarnovich/. The additional festival’s program included also a movie panorama of Bulgarian cartoon movies, awarded with international prizes; a workshop with Alan Louis – manager of the educational department in the Centre for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, USA; a seminar “Theory and practices of management and marketing in theatre companies and unconventional sources of financing”; exhibition of Donyo Donev’s cartoons and plastic arts of Emil Ivanov.

15 companies from Europe and USA participated in the 3rd festival edition. Africa was represented by a lecturer and students of acting from Nigeria. The first prize – a statuette “PIERROT”, was given to the performance “Pictures in the night”, Puppet Theatre Nis, Serbia and Montenegro. A new one was the prize of the journalists who reported the festival. The performances were estimated by a group of independent experts. Among them were the doyens of the puppet art in Bulgaria – prof. Atanas Ilkov, prof. Nikolina Georgieva, prof. Yulya Ognyanova, the “father” of “The three fools” Donyo Donev and many well-known specialists from all fields of the puppet theatre.
The emphasis in the additional program was on the WORKSHOP FOR MARIONETTES that was organized for a first time in Bulgaria. The workshop was conducted under the direction of prof. Slavi Malenov, lecturer of “Acting and directing for puppet theatre” in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov”. The festival again lent a hand to the young creators in Bulgaria organizing an ART MARKET for young staging staffs. The artist Evelina Peneva made a unique exhibition of glass jewelry. The young artist Diana Petrova made her own exhibition in the lobby of State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora.

The hosts from State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora together with Foundation “Stage Balkans” and Non-profit Organization “PIERROT” presented a theatre experiment “HE AND SHE – THE SINFUL LOVE”. The production was created with the participation of directors from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Greece.

The unique thing for PIERROT 2003 was the competition program which was shown not only in Stara Zagora, but also in Sliven and Yambol, and from 30 September till 20 October in Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro.

ІV International Puppet Theatre Festival “PIERROT” / 24-29.09.2005/ Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
14 performances of companies from Holland, Spain, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro and Bulgaria were included in the competition program. The production of the III International Laboratory for Directors, an exhibition of ceramic icons and textiles of Teodora Dzhambazova, street performances and a projection of Bern Ogrodnik’s movie “String” were shown in the additional program in the frames of the festival. 
The performance “Tomorrow starts today” – a co-production of Theatre “Ognivo”, Moscow and Theatre of Nations - Moscow, Russia won the first prize - a statuette “PIERROT”.  

V International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival “PIERROT” 2007 took place from 24 till 29 of September 2007 in Stara Zagora and was accompanied  by the 50th anniversary of State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora.

The international Jury including:

Chairman prof. Henrik Jurkowski, Poland and members: 
1. Viktor Klimchuk – director, Belarus
2. Ljiljana Bardievska – drama specialist, Poland
3. Stefan Yankov – drama specialist, Bulgaria
4. Silva Bachvarova – stage design specialist, Bulgaria


• A music award – To Bogdan Sehin for the performance “Greek mythology - interpretations” of Theatre Mask” – Rzeszow, Poland
• An award for stage design – To Maria Kanigovska for the performance “Greek mythology - interpretations” of Theatre Mask” – Rzeszow, Poland  
• An award for woman’s part – To Gergana Vasileva for the performance “The King Stag” of State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
• An award for woman’s part – To Nedelina Roselinova for the performance “As you like it” of State Puppet Theatre – Burgas, Bulgaria
• An award for man’s part – To Iroslav Petrov for the performance “As you like it” of State Puppet Theatre – Burgas, Bulgaria
• An award for experimental and new forms – To State Puppet Theatre – Varna, Bulgaria for the performance “The cave and the shadows”
• An award for directing – To Zlatko Buireka for the performance “Saint George” of Theatre “Licem u lice”, Split, Croatia
• An award for best performance – To State Puppet Theatre – Burgas, Bulgaria for the performance “As you like it”
PIERROT 2007 will  be remembered also with two new publications “The Metamorphosis of puppet theatre in XX century” of Prof. Henrik Jurkowski and “50 years of puppet art in Stara Zagora”.
The Senate of the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov” honored prof. Henrik Jurkowski with the degree “doctor honoris causa”.

The exhibitions – stage design and puppets from the history of State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora; the exhibition of Lyubomir Tsakev and the exhibition of the painters from State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora was of extreme interest. 

Detailed information about the next editions of "PIERROT" incl. programs, catalogues, list of participants, awards bestowed etc. is given in the respective menus of the “FESTIVAL PIERROT” section.